Follow-On Note to #155

I have received several responses to the IPWG on teaching management at DL – here is another concise one.

“I cannot even begin to express how vital the One Minute Manager series had on my life.  I continue to manage every day, my home, my finances, and in my job as a special education case manager for the past 4 years.  I now work with 16 students, who have a wide range of difficulties (home, emotional, academic, etc.)  Managing the paperwork, teachers, therapists, counselors, psychologists, psychiatrists, etc. is a daunting job.  Thank you for your influence in this area of management while I was at DL.  Working with campers, staff, and parents at DL has equipped me to be a better leader and manager for Christ.  Have great day Chief,” — Justin Barry

I am trying to manage my own life….ouch.  As each IPWG takes several hours to write, I doubt I will be able to write one for the next several weeks.  I lead worship/preached this AM – had to put the service together and write sermon on Thursday and Friday.  Ben Littauer was here to help with computer and make a wooden bowl on the lathe…learned quickly, did very good work!
Now Sally Jo and I are writing our lesson plans for when we will teach all of the children that come to winter break VBS at our church.  We have done this for several years, –  kids are split into 3 age groups…and we have 45 minutes with each for three days.  This gets involved as we try to include as many people as possible in the preparation of the “set” and in the teaching.  We worked on this for 4 hr. after Ben left, part of it with the person who will be teaching with us all three periods each of the three days…then had to call others involved.  Good to do…but, takes time
All 13 members of our family are getting together for a week – and have done much in preparation – much to go.  Have been through every slide in the house…perhaps thousands – and am putting on a zip drive the story of your lives…back to when I had my pet porcupine…to when we got married….through the lives of our 3 children, including high school plays, etc.  I still have hundreds to scan…and I have promised our daughter, Jenna, crochet hooks – I am turning the handles out of beautiful woods….
Oh yes, and we have a week trip to the Dominican Republic to check out a mission situation where our church is giving considerable $, and probably 20 refurbished computers….to see if the church should send a group in 2012.  We were asked to go….  fun trip, but takes time.
I greatly appreciate each of you…and I continue to be pleasantly surprised at who reads IPWG
I enjoy writing them…will do if there is time…and fret not…I am not sick…dead or some such….life has suddenly over-filled the schedule.

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