IPWG explanation – I am not dead!

Dear forgiving people!

I am in into life…way over my head. I will not be able to send another until August.

I have been at DL for a couple weekends (working with staff, then guides…and Lone Eagle ceremony, leading singing…all good stuff!), to 5 day family reunion in KY for another, and head out to Poland on this Wednesday AM for 17 days where we will be leading/teaching a 5 day day camp in English (8:30 to 4:00). This has been set up by a Polish Lutheran church – 7 of us are coming at their invitation to run the camp. We will teach Bible lessons in English…everything in English – we have whole ball of wax!

Do, really do, hold us in prayer. The camp has grown from an expected 30 to 72 – ages 7-15 plus young translators plus 4 moms who teach English….and may still be growing. (13 of 72 are 13-15) Due to this change in number we have had to modify plans and almost triple supplies we are taking…196 lb now! This church was begun in 1600 – pastor killed in WW I, deported to Germany as POW in 1945…old sanctuary destroyed by bombs – did not rebuild until 1960. Only protestant church in large town/city in most industrialized area in all of Europe. Guide book says it is like “walking into a cold shower”.

I will move next in IPWG to the death of my mom – a stroke…probably a result of what was happening to us. Then go into my psychosomatic/physical response – a real crunch time.

I look forward to getting back to you, but each IPWG takes me 4 to 8 hr to prepare…and I just do not have the time right now.

Sally Jo and I are doing fine…