Good Management in Every Area – for One Purpose #155

If DL does not operate in the black over a period of years, it will have to close.

If DL does not keep its vehicles safe, there is an increased likelihood there will be a serious accident

If DL does not have needed program equipment in good condition, instruction and games will be sub-par.

If DL does not have a clean kitchen, the New York State Health Department will close the camp down.

If DL does not have sufficient funds for camper scholarships, some wonderful kids will not be able to come

If DL does not have carefully selected/well trained staff, campers miss learning opportunities and could be at risk.

If DL does not have a bed for a camper because it has “over-booked” the boy and his parents will be very unhappy.

If DL does not have happy campers…and happy parents – there will be no possibility of over booking!!!!!

To have a quality camp, DL must have quality managers in every area.  This not an automatic!  Chief Craig Crook e-mailed, in response to last week’s IPWG: “I work with a lot of big corporations – and we spend a great deal of time on these things(management principles).  What was burned in my brain, which took years to really take hold, is invaluable! “He went on to say: “In fact, I requested the DL manual a few years back – as it’s a great model of excellence!  Thanks for investing into my life and so many others!”  Chief Craig

If Deerfoot Lodge succeeds at all of the above, and does not have a Christ-centered community that builds godly young men, DL has failed at its primary responsibility.

To build godly young men requires having godly men in every area where people are managed.  Dean Dover, the Director of Food Service for many years, chose as his Lone Eagle name, Wazican – which reminds him to stand straight and tall for the Lord Jesus Christ, like a mature white pine tree.  Wazi worked with his staff day after day, week after week – in a hot kitchen.   Each summer over 10,000 meals were consistently excellent and served on time.  One of the ways Wazi encouraged his kitchen staff to be god’s men was by having them to the fire pit in front of his cabin every week.  There they would talk and pray together.  Several kitchen staff, under his leadership, became graduate chefs, including Shawn Barnett, Deerfoot’s present chef.

My responsibility was to build godly men who served/did his work with excellence.  I had the privilege of seeing campers become Guides.  When Guides became Assistant Counselors, they became people managers and were responsible to work at building godly men.  Assistant Counselors might become Counselors, or Maintenance Men, or Waterfront Directors, or Section Chiefs, or Kitchen Staff, or Director of Tripping Operations, or Crafts Director, or Guide Leaders, or Assistant to the Director.  Many young men spend part or all of 10-13 summers at DL. The young men who choose to be on the Deerfoot staff like challenges.  To keep staff members challenged and growing, I worked at putting each summer staff member in a new position or situation every year.

When Dad Kunz started Deerfoot Lodge in 1930, he knew Jesus was with his chosen few 24/7.  Many times they hiked miles, cooked over an open fire, and slept under the stars.  The 12 saw how Jesus treated people, how He responded to questions and to people in physical need. They saw Jesus forgive the individuals who came with broken hearts, and they saw Jesus teach the multitudes, and feed them when they were hungry.  The 12 watched Jesus take blocks of time for prayer, and they heard Him pray for them.  The disciples experienced having their feet washed by their leader, and they watched Jesus willingly give His life for them.  Through His example, His teaching, and His challenge, Jesus developed men – men who wanted to live for Him, whatever the challenge, whatever the cost.

And what about management?  It is a stretch to say Jesus said much about management, but the Old Testament is filled with examples of good managers, pleasing to God: Abraham and the patriarchs must have been good managers, as were Moses, King David, Solomon, Nehemiah, Job, and Daniel.

Good management frees us to do the work God has called us to do:  Make disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Good management should be at home, at church, at work – in every situation we are to make disciples

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