Work Weekend Report

Good Morning!

I am sending you this on Sunday evening. Just back from excellent work weekend – something over 80 came. I am a very satisfied…VERY tired person. Worked with up to 7 people sorting through/straightening the wood shop side in Maintenance – third work weekend I have worked at this. All screws, nails, bolts, nuts and washers have been worked through – sorted 23 containers of mixed up screws, nuts, and bolts – the people working on the screw sort had over 30 separate piles of screws – separated out from the containers. Same for bolts….almost as many for nuts. People, over many, many years have brought back what they did not use and dumped into any available container. I am certain the $ savings from the work is well into the hundreds.

Should have done IPWG before I left. No way can I do now.

Have a wonderful Memorial Day celebration. DL closed for a couple years during World War II – many Deerfooters have died for our country. Many now serve.

chief chuck

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