Susan Sea: Out of the Wheel Chair #60

When Susan rolled into my office, I quickly learned that she had been officially told she could not participate in the paraplegic Olympics.

Sue and I had previously talked a few times, but nothing serious. Sue was single and in her early 20’s. She and her parents were members of Christ Church of Oak Brook. I had learned a little of her situation through my conversation with a physician in the church. Bottom line: For 7 years she had been unable to use her legs – could not feel a needle stuck into her leg. Doctors had been unable to understand why.

She was angry about not being able to compete and wanted me to know about it, and so I listened… and listened. Without much thought I asked her if she would like to be healed. Her quick response: “Of course I would!” Was she sure? Her response was even more intense!!!

Not knowing what else to do, I suggested we ask the Lord that, if it be His will, she would be healed. As she calmed down, I placed my hands on her knees and prayed for her healing. Nothing happened. I admit that my expectations had been at about the 5 % level. We talked a few more minutes, and she left.

Two days later Sue called me. On the way home her legs had twitched, almost jumped. I invited her to come back and we would “try again”. I was probably more shocked than she was. I had asked the Lord to heal people before, with no obvious results. I tried to reconstruct what had happened, and I could not remember anything unusual about what I had prayed. When Sue wheeled into my office this time, there was a big grin on her face. Again I put my hands on her knees… prayed… and nothing. We both felt a let down, and she left.

A few days later Sue called – she had regained her bladder control. Could she come back? In she came and, as I had done previously, I put my hands on her knees and asked God, if it be His will, that Sue would be healed. As I prayed I could feel her tears hit the top of my hands. When I ended the prayer, the tears continued to roll down Sue’s cheeks. She then very quietly said “I can feel your hands”. We agreed to tell no one.

There was no instant, complete healing, but gradually she was able to regain the strength in her legs. On Christmas morning Susan slowly pushed herself up out of her wheel chair and walked very carefully over to her parents. As a thank you, her dad, a carpenter, gave me a set of Craftsman wrenches I still have, as a reminder of this miracle.

It was very clear to me that all of this was of the Lord. What had motivated Sue to come to see me? Why did I put my hands on her knees? Why did God heal her, but only little by little? Was there anything special in what I had said? Did it matter if this was a physical healing – or a psychological healing? I had no answers. When people in the church asked what had happened, we had little to say.

Imagine my flood of emotion as I waited for Sue to slowly walk down the long church aisle on her father’s arm – to be married. I have no clue what God will do next, but I do know that He is able. My challenge: to live In Partnership with God.

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart. Lean not unto your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will direct your path”. –Proverbs 3:5-6

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