I dozed, Not God! #24

This has been another long day. Some level of manageable pain is with Sally Jo continually – and then there are times when she moves the wrong way and the level of her pain is a 10 out of 10. At such moments I hear what sounds like a cross between a cry/shriek/gasp for breath. And I know that my mistake causes her present agony – agony that will not go away, even with drugs. Significant pain will continue for several weeks.

I know I caused this, Not God. Yes, the days leading up to my involuntary doze have been busy, but this is nothing new. I messed up big time. Thankfully, when I momentarily dozed off, we went to our right – and not left into the constant flow of traffic that comes down Rt. 30 from the Adirondacks every summer Saturday afternoon. I have known for as long as I can remember that after lunch what I really want to do is take a nap. I just get sleepy.

Many years ago, after a long DL presentation morning, I dozed off and headed across the center line. It could only have been God that protected me and others. This time God let the accident happen. There is no way I can blame God.

But my stupidity did not cause God to leave me, to leave us! I dozed, Not God! The car went down into a culvert ditch and then up over the culvert and into the air for at least 10’. While in the air I became wide awake. Almost as soon as the car stopped a man opened my car door. It was DL camper dad and work weekend regular, Ralph Souza. I have long considered Ralph a friend. I was not hurt. Sally Jo’s door was quickly opened by a stranger.

“I am a Physician’s Assistant.” She had been riding with Ralph to take her son to see Deerfoot. Sally Jo was in excruciating pain. After checking her over carefully, the PA held Sally Jo’s face in her hands and asked “Would you like me to pray for you?” A cervical collar was put on Sally Jo and she was very carefully put onto the ambulance stretcher. I believe God provided Ralph and his passenger. God’s timing was perfect. I dozed, Not God!

From the Gloversville hospital I called Deerfoot and asked to have Sally Jo’s close friend, Ann Mackey, to come to the Hospital. Soon my cell phone rang…”Chief, this is John Fox… I am coming with Ann.” John had been on the DL staff and was now an orthopedic surgeon. He and his wife were at camp for the week as back-up for the nurse.

At the hospital in Gloversville we learned there is no orthopedic specialist. But we had John! He carefully checked Sally Jo for nerve damage and studied the x-rays. John then pointed out to me the squashed vertebra, the primary source of the pain. He thought there was a good chance surgery would not be required. He then provided the relevant information to Albany Med. Their E.R. would be ready and Sally Jo was carefully moved into the waiting ambulance. I believe God provided Ann and John. God’s timing was perfect. I dozed, Not God!

The plan had been for me to speak in Speculator on Sunday morning, and then Sally Jo and I would drive to meet son Dirk and his family who were camping on secluded property they had just purchased. They would be waiting! Dirk did not know we were at Albany Med, and there was no cell phone reception. One couple had been to the property – I called mutual friend Shirley to get Derek’s number. He was out of town. I was literally the only person who knew where Dirk and family were, and I had only been there twice. The hospital staff assured me they would care for Sally Jo. A friend drove me the hour to find Dirk. We got to the place where I thought the property was and for 15 tense minutes could not find it! No way I could have explained to someone else where they were.

While away, Sally Jo became sick and needed help. No one responded to her buzzer! Into her room walked Shirley and Roger. Sally Jo immediately had help! I believe God provided Roger and Shirley. God’s timing was perfect. I dozed, Not God!

(my computer Saturday, 7/18 as we left for Speculator – hope to replace and get your messages soon)

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