Prius totalled – Sally Jo with squashed vertebre


On Saturday afternoon Sally Jo and I were driving up to Whitaker in Prius. I was to speak at Ken and Stephanie’s church on Sunday morning. Driving north on Rt. 30 I dozed off…and we went off Rt. 30 to the right at 55 mph, hit a culvert, went up over culvert and apparently flew about 10’ before landing.

First head in my window was Ralph Souza – camper dad and work weekender I know well – I was unhurt. Into Sally Jo’s door came a PA – riding with Ralph with son to see DL. By ambulance to ER in Gloversville-

I called Anne Mackey to come be with Sally Jo. Fifteen minutes later another phone call – John Fox, orthopedic surgeon and DL staff member when I first came to DL was coming too. Upon their arrival we learned Gloversville did not have orthopedic specialist or dept. John went over x-rays – found problem… told PA who communicated with Albany Med so when we arrived they were up to speed.

They put Sally Jo in neck brace and body brace. No immediate surgery – if stabilized in next 2 wks – no surgery. If stabilized, no surgery. Very, very painful experience. Trauma for me to see – I only left bedside from early Sunday AM until we came home today, Thursday.

Ride home was horrendous. About Delmar Sally Jo had to potty stop. Suppository had finally kicked in! At home incredible pain – no way to get comfortable. We have rented hospital bed – have very firm, good, recliner – no position/way to get comfortable even with heavy pain pill – half codine – and muscle relaxant. Could not eat supper.

Imagine how you would be feeling if this was your wife… and your fault! About 9:00 PM things started to improve and she has slept since.

Please pray for her healing, her pain… and my emotional healing and pain. I have a new understanding of suffering. It is Thursday night and I set up bed next to hers. She needs my help/care as much during the night as during day. Our oldest daughter, message therapist, flies in on Sunday night to stay as long as needed. Excellent help!!!

I had finished Monday Morning IPWG before I went to Whitaker – cannot get my brain around sending to you yet – will soon.

Please do not call! I will send updates.

Chief Chuck

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  1. So, can I call to see how you are doing? Call me.

  2. I thought I was previewing, not publishing. Call me, please. This is lazy eye Bob in Texas.

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