Why The Island (campers 14-16) Fills in January – The Camper’s Perspective #208

My last summer at DL, unknown to me, there were custom bound books in which Woodsmen, Pioneers, Indians, and “Voyageurs and Guides” were able to write notes to me. Chief Ron gave me the notebooks after my final After Breakfast Bible Study for each session. The campers cheered. Emotionally it was really tough for me to handle! Tears!!! This week I re-opened the Island/Indians book to read what was been written 10 years ago by campers who are now 24-27 years old.

“Thank you for being supportive of me last year when…”

“You always stick true to your word”

“Ever since my first year at DL (when I gave my life to Christ) this has been a very special place for me”

“You have made my years enjoyable and fun”

“As a third generation camper”

“Deerfoot Lodge is a wonderful God-loving/worshiping place it is.”

“I first came 8 years ago – I loved it. It has gotten better every year. Thank you for making my Christian experience greater”

“My 4 years have been amazing. I feel bad for the campers that haven’t experienced Q & A responses (middle Sunday night with Indians) Although some were humorous, other answers were really influential. Some of your answers taught me a lot of things I hadn’t even thought of”

“You are so happy and at peace because you are strong in the Lord. You have made me realize how much fun you can have with the Lord, and that you can be free to have fun. Thank you very much.”

“DL has shaped me into a better person, a much stronger believer”

“I have been coming to DL for 7 years and I couldn’t have done it without your generousness (scholarships). Now my older brother is working (became Guide leader), and my younger brother is coming.”

“My past 6 summers at Deerfoot have challenged me and stretched me both physically and spiritually in ways I could not have imagined.”

“I only hope to find a wife who is as good to me as yours is to you”

“Chief, I hope you will continue to grow in God”

“It has been great having you as the Director during the 6 years I have been here. I cannot properly express how much I shall miss you” (written by a very challenging camper!)

“It’s awesome how you trust us”

“It is because of you and this camp that has completely turned my life around and kept me on the right track. These last 8 years showed me the true awesome might of God, and how he reaches out and touches everyone’s lives”

“DL has become a home to myself and innumerous other Christian guys”

“I have learned so much just listening to your stories, Bible stories, after breakfast Bible studies and Q & A.”

“It has increased my confidence in myself by a lot. Confidence was something I lacked before I came here.”

“Ever since my dad came here about 30 years ago, he loved it. When he came to drop me off my first year, he noticed that nothing had been changed. It was just as amazing, godly and awesome.”

“It is hard for me to be a Christian when the only person at home who is a Christian lives 20 miles away. That’s why Deerfoot helped me”

“Coming to Deerfoot has changed my life spiritually and physically. This is my 8th year. Every year I learn something new”

“Coming here is a big relief – being around people who aren’t strict about religion”

“A Boss 2 years, the best 2 years of my life”

“I have grown so much closer to God”

“It wouldn’t have been as fun of a time without you.”

“Thank you for being the camp director of the best place in the world.”

“God has used you for His work and I pray that God might use me as well.”

“I had so much fun, learned a lot of new things, and grew in my walk with God.”

“P.S. Tell the new guy to keep the cinnamon rolls”.

Deerfoot Lodge remains God’s Place, and I have no doubt that what was written 10 years ago, would be written today.

This is true because those who serve at DL, those who contribute in other ways, do so In Partnership With God.

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