Beginning IPWG Again

Friends… and others who read IPWG,

Several have encouraged me to get back to writing the In Partnership With God Monday morning e-mail.

The following IPWG #204 relates to Ecclesiastes 3:1-8. “There is a time for everything.” In July I realized that writing IPWG from ME, MA, NJ, PA, NYC, Nicaragua, NC plus having people in our home for 5 weeks, etc was a pressure I did not need. My time for everything in this case, was for a break.

Sally Jo and I are fine… healthy, etc.

The IPWG that I plan to write will sometimes have a broader context, sometimes go back to experiences from many years ago. I will share a bit more of what is in my heart on some subjects.

It is good to be writing again.

May what I write be pleasing to God, an encouragement to you.


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