Wazican – Servant of Jesus Christ #194

I called Dean Dover/Wazican to double check the correct meaning of Wazican – his chosen Lone Eagle name.  Wazican means Great Northern White Pine.  Dean said: “I chose Wazican because I would like to be as a Great Northern White Pine. I desire to stand straight and tall for the Lord Jesus Christ, and to shelter and care for others – being a Christian, not just on Sundays, but 365 days a year.”

Deerfoot Lodge is known for its great food!  96% of the campers indicate this on their camper questionnaires.   For years the man behind the consistently excellent camp meals was Wazican. Wazican knew how to encourage his staff of 11, order the food, prepare about 144,000 excellent meals each summer, while staying under his food budget.  Every time we went to the dining hall we expected, and were served, great food.

The reason Wazican worked so hard to prepare the quality meals was not for personal recognition.  It was to help Deerfoot Lodge be a place where campers and staff wanted to come to be taught how to be godly young men – and be encouraged to continue to be God’s men, long after they left Deerfoot Lodge.

Wazican’s top priority, his real joy, was building godly young men – inside of and outside of the kitchen.  Wazican worked at being God’s man – at doing what was right before the Lord – every time.

It was the Sunday morning after Session IV.  The campers had left, and the staff had come together for our last Breaking of Bread service of the summer.  To my knowledge every person present had received God’s free gift of salvation.  Every person there had been seeking to live a godly life, and through this, had encouraged others to be godly people.  We had prayed that God would use us for His glory.  And He had!  It was an incredible summer.

We were together to celebrate the reality that Jesus Christ had died on a cross, had given Himself as a sacrifice for our sin.  With grateful hearts we sang hymns, read Bible verses, and many shared how our lives had been changed through the work of the Holy Spirit during our summer together.

When we came to the Lord’s Table, as we bowed our heads and hearts before the Lord, we became very aware of our sinfulness and God’s sinlessness.

Yes, the fruit of the Holy Spirit (love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness) had been evident in our lives – but not consistently, and we knew it.  Galatians 5:22

Yes, we did focus of what was true, and noble, and right, and pure, and lovely, and admirable, and excellent, and praiseworthy—but not consistently, and we knew it.  Philippians 4:8

It was in this context that Wazican prayed in full voice with deep emotion:  “Lord, teach us to hate our sin!”

To this day I will pray: “Lord, teach me to hate my sin!”

After years of being a Food Service Director/Chef, Wazican is now responsible for the care of the international students who attend Houghton Academy.  When they arrive at the Academy, most do not understand what Jesus Christ has done for them through His death and resurrection.  The way Wazican earns his living has changed, but his deep desire has not changed.

Wazican seeks to live In Partnership With God.  For those who know him, this is evident.

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