His Deerfoot Experience/Training is Foundational to His Ministry #182

This Deerfooter uses his DL training/experience to the extreme!  He is the Director of TIMO – Training in Ministry Outreach.  TIMO is a two year training experience for young people looking to gain a foundation for a lifetime of ministry.  It is a team-based approach to church planting among un-reached people groups.

We have e-mailed for many years, and after a recent e-mail I asked him to tell me his DL story.  Upon reading it, I asked permission to send it on to you.   Due to his ministry situation, his has asked that his name not be included.  Watching the 3 minute video (please do – with cursor on blue video…push down & hold control key –  while you left  click!!!) will put this Deerfooter’s life/letter into context.  (The parenthesis in italics are mine)

The Torch Passed On – and On!


I worked at DL the summers of 93 and 94.  I started in Woodsmen for a couple sessions, then a couple sessions on the island.  Next summer I did Island and then Voyageurs with Daryl Babcock.  I can’t remember, but it was either that summer or the next summer that Brian Gill and I led a DL mission’s trip to Venezuela to work with Peter McMillan at the camp he was trying to get going.  I don’t know what ever became of that camp (it is doing well – totally under Venezuelan leadership), but co-leading that trip was a pretty important experience for me as I started a trajectory of being involved in cross-cultural missions.  Then the summer of 97 I came back and was a Guide Leader along with Gordon Koppin, Peter Smith and Ken Meyer.  (That summer there were 28 qualified Guides)  I think it was an experiment of doing 2 guide groups, in a staggered way.

How did DL prepare me for what I do now?  Wow… where do I begin?  DL was my first real shot at leadership. Someone thought I was qualified to lead 8-10 year olds for 2 weeks at a time, do devos for them, shape them spiritually, keep them safe, teach them wilderness skills and take them on overnight hiking trips…twice!  And somehow, by the grace of God and with some good training, serious accountability, and mentoring, I rose to the challenge.  And loved it.  I learned how to communicate my relationship with God to others and teach them insights I was gleaning from the Scriptures.  I learned to do things with excellence – that was the word for the morning devos one year.  I learned that I had a lot to learn!  Growing up as an MK (missionary kid), I thought I pretty much had everything all figured out – but DL showed me my pride and my need for humility.

Chief – I think DL is an IDEAL place to recruit young, godly men who are interested in exploring missions.  As you probably know, TIMO is looking for DL kind of guys.  It was great to be there this past summer and share about our extreme TIMO team going to Lesotho to live among the highland shepherd boys – the last un-reached people group in this small mountain country, and share about how this team is open only to single, young men who know how to live simple, rugged, high adventure lifestyles with a love for the outdoors.

Go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.”  Matthew 28:19-20

He Serves In Partnership With God

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