In Partnership With God…beginning again

Dear Friends…and I think of you as such even though I do not know who most of you are!

Many of you have asked if I have died.

It has been a good summer, a busy summer, and now it is time to get my IPWG going again.

Friday I was at Mont Lawn, the camp where Rich Sylvester has been director for four years.  Rich hired Russ Boronow as his assistant.  Both were long term DL campers and staff… like over 10 years.

Saturday I focused on helping Sally Jo get ready for the lunch to be served after church Sunday for about 200 people when the mission team of 15 she led to Nicaragua will report to many members of the congregation some of their experiences.  After the lunch I head to Whitaker Lake for 2 days.

I plan to have the next IPWG on your screen Tuesday morning, and then successive Monday mornings.

The first will be about having our grandson as a DL camper – 3rd year.

The second will be on the value of a postage stamp.

The third will be about the significance of a gift to me by a DL staff member.

Yes, I am alive!

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