Report on voice – doctor visit

You are an incredible group.  Many of you have said you would pray, and I have no doubt that if you said you would pray specifically for me and my voice situation, you did.
It was fun, for lack of a better word, to learn who else is on the list….I have never seen the list – don’t want to – so people can get on and off freely.
I went to ENT today – highly recommended person by choral conductor who had been head of music department at Concordia College.
He sprayed a pain killer in my nose….then stuck his long tube down through my my vocal cords.
He said there had been hemorrhaging – caused by some type of abuse. Hemorrhaging had stopped and there was no evidence of polyps, or what should be long term damage.
He set up appointment with speech therapist for Monday morning.  He would suggest what I should or should not do….that was the job of the therapist.
So can we know when hemorrhaging stopped?  No, but Sally Jo has noticed marked improvement in my voice over the last couple days, and I found myself taking with Sally Jo without thinking about it…   this was a big change from a week ago when, after I talked, I could feel an uncomfortableness in my vocal cord area.
Yesterday we decided I would talk quietly with her vs. writing notes –  For about the past week we have been keeping my notebook computer on the kitchen table.  I can type faster than I can print…and my typing is always legible.
Provable miracle?  No.  Very thankful heart – absolutely!
I will e-mail you after meeting with speech therapist.

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