Adam Hopkins – Gift from God that Keeps Giving #158

Adam Hopkins learned about DL through his high school friend Marcus Haulenbeek.  In April, 1989 he sent an application to be on the maintenance staff.  I explained that all needed maintenance staff were hired.  We talked.  Although he had a landscaping job for the summer, he made it clear: if there was a no-show, give him a call and he would be at DL within a week.   During the first week of staff training a maintenance staff called to say he was unable to come.  A quick call to Adam. Yes, he would be at DL within a week…and he was – June 15.  Neither of us could have anticipated that Adam would work 4 summers – plus do much more!

Adam arrived in an old car he and his dad had put together.  He worked well with Brent Karner who was in his 9th year as head of maintenance (He now has his own custom furniture company –, with Steve Polloni (who today works with diesel engines), and Dave Bennett, who headed maintenance the first summer Brent was not there (now a Presbyterian Minister).

When Adam returned for the summer of 1992, he learned DL would be building a large log cabin for a staff family.  He asked if he could submit a plan.  That summer he asked a 100 questions and studied books on building with logs.  The Mortimer B. Lane cabin was designed by Adam Hopkins during his 2nd year of architectural school.  This is where Chief Ron’s family live in the summer.

The cabin is incredible!!!   B. Allen Mackey was hired to work with us – he had written 4 books on the subject.  The cabin was built by 16 volunteers during 8 day October weeks in 2004 and 2005.  (Adam and I were in the 16 – we celebrated Adam’s 21st birthday that week).  The interior and exterior walls are made of 10″ – 16″ maple logs cut from the DL property.  Unstained maple is an off white color – bright and beautiful.  The 1st floor has a 16’ vaulted ceiling over the large living room/kitchen area, and under the loft, a bathroom, and two large bed rooms.

Adam has become a lead design architect of (check it out!!)– a firm that works nationally out of Michigan.  He designs large educational and church buildings.  When the firm is hired, Adam goes to the location, makes a careful study of the site, the needs and the desires of those involved.  He may suggest several design alternatives.

When Adam became an architect, he joined the many who give monthly contributions to DL.  For 13 years, with every gift I received a note…and my receipt included a note.  When I had a building design question, I would give Adam a call.  In 2000 we planned to build a new Waldorf.  The Waldorf Adam remembered was small, dark, damp, closed in….I do not know how to make it sound bad enough.   Four sinks…and six toilets that, to put it bluntly, the Section Chief or I plunged almost every day.

I told Adam that Ken Hoffman, facility manager, had carefully selected 4 composting units that needed to go below the building – each for 2 toilets and 2 urinals – cost for the 4 composting units: $27,000.  “Adam, would you be willing to design the building?” A few months later Adam’s plan arrived:  total log construction, 4 times the size, and with a high, vaulted ceiling, the ends of which were all screen.  Adam designed a central stainless sink with 8 faucets for washing hands.  Easy to use…and clean!!!!

On the construction design, Adam said we had a choice to make for the floor.  We could build it out of wood, as was common, or we could have it built off site in sections of pre-stressed concrete.  The floor would have a slight arch, and have a drain trench inside wall so we could pressure spray the floor.  Trucks would bring in the sections, and they would be lifted into place with a large crane…much like a bridge is built.   Cost?  $12,000 – “but if you do, you will never have a problem with the floor”.  We swallowed hard….and Adam ordered the floor.  Built by volunteers trained building the Mortimer B. Lane cabin, the facility is beautiful.

God had a plan for Adam Hopkins involvement at Deerfoot Lodge.  Adam lives In Partnership With God!   He was a gift…that keeps giving.  “We are God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.”  Ephesians 2:10

Each of us, who seeks to live In Partnership With God, can know God has prepared work for us to do.  People who do not live IPWG may do work that looks to be the same. The only difference might be why we do the work – and in time, motivations show!  Does your God prepared work include being a husband? Father? Wife? School teacher? Coach of little league team? An usher or elder at church?  Giving generously?  Administrating wisely?  Providing encouragement?  Wonderful hospitality?  Faithful Prayer? Scrubbing toilets?

Let us do all of our work well – and celebrate that God equips us to do so.

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