One Person at a Time #153

Jesus was in business of building godly people.  If Jesus would have taught, and not lived out His teachings, His teaching would have had no credibility.

If there had been computers and telephones and televisions and i-pads 2000 years ago, how much time would Jesus have spent “with them” if there were people outside His door in physical or spiritual need?  It is interesting that Jesus often put the physical before the spiritual.

Deerfoot is in the business of building godly people, just as Jesus was.  Four e-mails recently received illustrate this.

The 1st was from Kevin Luce.  “I don’t know if you remember this.., but you took a walk with me…”   summarized, the e-mail said:  The campers had left, camp was being closed down, and he asked for time with me.  I left what I was doing and we went on a walk together.  Kevin says that both my willingness to leave the business at hand, and the words I said, continue to have a huge impact on his life.  Kevin and his wife are missionaries in Africa.

The 2nd was from Lyndon Sentz. “thanks for all of the time and effort you spent to disciple us young men. As i get older i am increasingly amazed at this gift.”  Lyndon is married, has a 3 year old daughter, a cabinet designing and building business and is involved in a great local church.

The 3rd was from Jim Oehrig.  “Your investment in Becca’s and my life is tangible, even today.   It surfaces in a  Mission Clinic in Ecuador; with Christian community workers in  Cote d’Ivoire; and in Community Health Evangelism in the Philippines.  It’s also evident at  ALM, where I get to lead-serve  Too, it’s palpable in our kitchen and living room – with shepherding group and  marriage counseling that Becca and I facilitate   Please stop in.  Becca has more than enough tea for Sally Jo.”  Jimmy O, as we called him, is Program Director for the American Leprosy Missions.

The 4th was from Colin Reisler.  “I was there for your last 3 years.  When I was a pioneer, you sat down at my table during after breakfast singing and, in between songs, complimented me on my singing.  I still remember it because as a 12 year old it meant a lot that the director would notice and compliment me on something as small as my singing.  Thank you for the impact you had on me as a boy.  Hope you’re around for my ceremony this summer!”  Colin will be one of five who will have a Lone Eagle Ceremony this summer – all five were campers when I was director.

At DL there are After Breakfast Bible Studies, cabin devotions, Sunday services, and campfires.  But the key to understanding DL is not the larger gatherings, but the personal relationships, the personal contacts.  Staff members continue to be used by the Lord – one person at a time.

Yesterday afternoon I was to participate in our monthly Jubilate Singers rehearsal.  Before the Sunday morning worship service, while the church choir was still in their rehearsal room, the director told us her husband, Frank, had just taken himself to the ER (at the hospital of the medical school where he teaches neurology and does research – to date he has published over 85 papers in major scientific journals).   Frank’s headache, which began on Monday, was becoming more and more intense.  Ruth let Frank go by himself as the hospital is his second home.  Ruth left the choir loft before the service ended.  I followed Ruth to the hospital and stayed with them until Frank’s tests were completed.  When released,   I followed Ruth and Frank home, then took Ruth back to get Frank’s car.

The three hour rehearsal was almost over when I arrived back at the church – and see an ambulance.  Jake was being wheeled to the ambulance.  While in the rehearsal, an EMT in the choir noticed Jake was not doing well and took him,  then his wife, Trish, out into the hall. Jake has two stents and a pace maker.   An ambulance was quietly called.  I learn from Trish that she was going alone, so I followed her to the ER in another hospital where I remained for Jake’s tests and they had found him a room.

Jesus was no respecter of persons.  Jesus cared for those around him.  He was compassionate.

Let’s care for those around us, increasingly important in our impersonal world.   Let’s live In Partnership With God.

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