Living in Partnership with God – in Retirement! #131

It has been a good week and a busy week, and come Saturday night I did not have a solid beginning to my IPWG for the week. This afternoon, with the topic pretty well thought out, I sat down to write. After two attempts, I quit! Watched “Undercover Boss” and realized that as the Director of DL, guaranteed there was no reason, nor would it have been at all possible, for me to have been an “Under Cover Boss”!!!

This is where my time has gone for the past two days. Saturday morning began with a men’s breakfast and Bible study – from which I drove home arriving five minutes before a planned telephone call from one of the Guide leaders for this coming summer. At the leader’s request, I had written a five page e-mail response to excellent questions they asked me to address. The telephone call was from one of the leaders who wanted to talk about some of the content, and then to ask me three more questions. We talked for over an hour.

I was more than an hour late when I arrived at the ordination council in which I was personally asked to participate. The candidate read each section of his prepared statement of his spiritual journey and his theological positions on many topics. The statement must have been over 20 pages long and the examination took over four hours. The candidate was well prepared, articulate, and explained/defended his positions well. After lunch the members of the council met to discuss recommendation for ordination. He is to be ordained.

I arrived home at 4:30, changed my clothes and worked in the yard till 7:00. After supper I wrote a long e-mail in response to an on-going communication with a DL family.

Today, Sunday, our morning was typical: Drive 30 minutes to church to attend Sunday school class we are enjoying. Currently we are studying the book of Job, taught by an attorney. He does extensive study, presents his material well, and welcomes hard questions. Discussions often result. Two other ministers attend the class. Then it was singing three numbers with the choir during the morning worship service.

After church I was one of three judges for an “Iron Chef Competition” between two non-professional “chefs” who are active members in the congregation. The secret ingredient: cilantro. Excellent presentations and food. About 170 stayed for the program and an enjoyed an excellent dinner together.

We got home, walked the dog, I drove back to a pussy willow tree we had walked by…cut a few branches for Sally Jo.

Before beginning to write, I saw an e-mail from a Deerfooter whose wedding will be in August. It was time to begin some pre-marital counseling. He and his fiance’ live in another state and both work. Several dates when they can come for an overnight were suggested. As I began to write, I received a telephone call from a non-Deerfooter to talk about a summer opportunity we had discussed previously. This young man is a graduating senior in high school who takes almost all AP courses in a top private school – and has an excellent voice…taking lessons. He is a super sharp guy who wants to enter the ministry.

I had told him about an opportunity to work with a very effective minister/leader in another state. His parents nixed the idea…not enough structure. I asked to talk with his parents. He said they would call back. Just after we finished eating, the call came. His parents did not want to discuss the matter further. A tremendous disappointment for the young man. His parents think he will receive better supervision at a secular university in the fall.

Sally Jo has just come down to get me! Good night!


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