In Partnership With God…special explaination

Dear Friends, and some I do not know.

The reason IPWG is early is that Sally Jo and I leave in the AM to be with a family that is dealing with a malignant brain tumor. Not good. We plan to be back home next Saturday evening.

I am very aware that I am incredibly behind in e-mails….561 in fact! A good chunk of these came through face book as notifications that related to me has happened on face book. As the result of this, I have regular e-mails lost in the midst of these…to the place where it has just been overwhelming. This is one of the blessing/curses of having worked with so many wonderful people, including campers, around the country, and particularly at DL. It is wonderful…. BUT life must go on and I have had a couple other “things” to deal with.

I have now learned to turn off some of the automatic notifications from face book that sent so much to me. I will learn.

It may be that I will have some hours on this trip when I will be able to nibble away at all of this.

If you want to communicate with me, first try e-mail…I will work first at keeping up with what is coming in now.

Secondly, if two or three days pass and you have not gotten an e-mail back, and you feel it would help you to talk with me, please do give me a call. 518-966-4140. If you call, PLEASE repeat your phone number slowly twice. In addition to the clear phone #, it will help if you can give a couple times when I can call you back – and the subject if possible. I had one a month ago that I know was important but I have had no way to get back to him – the last number was not clear!

Remember, I will not be here for the next week – I will check e-mails

I have heard from many of you through these past years…you are a wonderful bunch!

Sally Jo and I are doing well – cross country ski around our property for about 30 minutes each day. We have also skied in the local town park. We are in a rural area and the ski trail goes through woods, around farmer’s fields, up and over a hill with a great view of the Catskill Mountains, by a pond, etc. Beautiful.

chief chuck, chuck, etc.

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