IPWG… from Israel

Greetings from Israel.

I am here with son, Dirk, on two week study tour – a tremendous experience. We had a reading list of 7 books before we left. I read 4, worked on two others…but have not touched the Source by Michener. Maybe when I get home!

The days begin with breakfast at 6:45 and end with a time of sharing / summary of the day about 8:30. The last two nights have also had hour before dinner – I wrote Sally Jo…now you…and Dirk is waiting for computer.

He is doing blog about the trip: pastor-dirk.blogspot.com. He posts every day.

Walked in Jordan River this AM…in Nazareth this afternoon. Truly a beautiful place.

After 5 days in this area where Jesus lived / worked, tomorrow we head for Jerusalem. Because Dirk works on the computer for blog, you may not hear from me again for at least 10 days.

You are special…though I do not know who all of you are!


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