IPWG explanation – forgiveness…. and explanation of next stretch

Dear friends –

Two weeks ago I should have told you that Sally Jo and I would be in Ireland for the week…hence no IPWG

This past week I wrote IPWG and planned to send before we left for NYC to meet TX friends. Got home tonight.

What I am sending in IPWG which you will have tomorrow should have gone out Sunday afternoon – goofed.

NOW…for the next several weeks I will share with you the most difficult 9 months of my life. I preparation I have gone to my date books 1981-1982 and to Sally Jo’s diaries for the same period of time. In her diaries she records what happens for each day…(she has them for about 50 years)

I will do my very best, before the Lord, to share both facts and my responses…external ones that others saw – and internal – my thinking, my feelings, my emotional/physical struggles during this period.

I am not doing this to hold anyone else accountable for what has happened – it has been 30 years! But rather to share my experience of what happened to me – good and bad – as I sought to do what was right before the Lord – to live In Partnership With God. It is my desire that what I share will help prepare you for a difficult time…or confirm to you that your experience is not unique. God’s people do go through tough times, sometimes the ripple effect of the decision of other Christians.

Most of what you read I have never put in writing…much of it I have shared only with a very, very few people.

So…here we go….


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