What Money Can Do! #96

Darryl Coates grew up in a dog-trot cabin…a room on each side of an open passage way (through which a breeze could pass and a dog could trot)…with an outhouse. He went into the construction business and did very well. His office was one room. He owned no equipment, he had no crews. What Darryl did have was the ability to work with people and a reputation that was as good as solid gold. He would get a contract to build a motel or other significant project and then hire a local project manager who knew the local sub-contractors. In time he had to purchase a small plane to keep up with his various construction projects.

To see Darryl would convince you he did not have two nickels to rub together. His work shoes were worn out dress shoes or dress cowboy boots. He said he was too cheap to buy work shoes as what he had “worked” just fine. Jan, his wife, was just as low key as Darryl. I do not think they ever bought a new car.

In 1970 Darryl and Jan decided they would take their money and build the finest possible facility for churches to rent for retreats and camps. We got to know Darryl and Jan in 1975 through Christian Camping International when we lived in TX. We became very good friends. Darryl said to me one day “I do not want this camp to make me a dime!” To assure that it wouldn’t, he started a not-for-profit organization – and then gave the developing camp/conference center to the organization. Today their dream is a reality – take a moment to look it up: Jan-KayRanch.org

In summary: (all buildings have central air/heat)

  • Buffalo Lodge – 62 retreat guests – 16 rooms with private bath…has meeting room as part of building
  • Ranch Camp – 120 campers 4 split cabins – each side with bathroom
  • White House – for the speaker
  • Common areas:
    • Dining Hall for 150
    • Town Hall – 150 – meeting room with full AV, piano
    • Recreation Hall – ping pong, table shuffle board, foos-ball, games – or a meeting room for 70 people
    • Amphitheatre
    • Indoor riding arena …can also be used for games.
    • There are miles of trails, also hay rides, a covered bridge, a cat fish pond (big catfish!), and great camp fires
    • Large swimming pool – slides, diving boards
    • Obstacle course, 2 basket ball courts, football, soccer, and soft ball fields
    • Lake with canoes, paddle boats, fishing
    • Miniature golf
    • Snack Shack

AND Darryl got a wild animal license. Jan-Kay Ranch has a zoo: tigers, monkeys of many kinds, zebras, camel, emus, ostriches, buffalo, long horn cattle, rhinoceros, etc. Do not be surprised if you see Darryl go by on a 4 wheeler with a bear sitting up behind him, paws on his shoulders, looking over Darryl’s head. Or you might look down to see a puma rubbing his head on your leg.

Darryl and Jan have thankful hearts as they watch lives changed through the use of a facility they have developed for 40 years. A place where children, young people, and adults come to relax, to laugh, to build relationships, and to learn more of the love of Jesus Christ. Darryl and Jan Coates live In Partnership With God.

“What is your life? You are a mist that appears for a little while and then vanishes.” — James 14:4

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