God’s Guidance – As I Understand It #76

Repeatedly I have changed jobs / God’s assignments. In the following I am trying to state what I believe have been the key factors involved in my receiving God’s guidance.

My desire is, above all other desires, is to live as God’s child. God requires of me openness to His directions. God promises that if I trust Him, and do not totally depend on my own understanding, He will direct my path – just as He directed Joshua to fight battles, David to become king, craftsmen to build a portable tabernacle for the Israelite people and Jesus to be a carpenter for fifteen years.

God requires my obedience to His guidance. What God desires me to do begins with my doing what the Bible tells me to do. God will never direct me contrary to His written truth. In decision making, I believe that God wants me to use the brain He gave to me. If I come to a conclusion which provides His peace – I must move forward. If I make a wrong decision and want to know what God desires of me, I believe that He will re-direct my path. In scripture we read a variety of ways God communicated with His people: His still, small voice, wise counsel, visions, dreams, hand writing on a wall, the voice of a donkey — whatever it took, God got His message through.

God directed our decision to accept a new responsibility at Sky Ranch through circumstances, brains, wise counsel, and peace. God confirmed His guidance through the provision of our new home, and ultimately, through having Sky Ranch in full operation on June 1.

When I believe I know God’s will for me, I must go forward in faith. Without obedient faith I know it is impossible to please God. And so I move forward, regardless of how impossible the task looks to be. I depend upon God to provide whatever is necessary get His work done – in His way! This attitude must not imply that no work will be required. Noah had to build an ark. Moses had to lead God’s people for 40 years in a desert. Nehemiah had to direct the building of the wall of Jerusalem in spite of huge obstacles. The disciples were to preach, to heal people. In each case, the person involved was only God?s agent. If I work to obey God, the completion of the work is God’s responsibility. I must not worry, must not get up-tight about the task. Jesus said that His yoke is easy, His burden is light. I had to go forward using all of my resources: my abilities, my training, my experience, my personality – all that is me. Just as faith is required, courage is required! I must keep pressing on – and on – until my portion of the task is finished. I believed that God directed me to get Sky Ranch operational again at a new location. To accomplish this in five months, from a human perspective, was impossible.

I believe this is God’s plan for how each of us is to live our lives. God gives each of us unique work to do. We are each a bit different – different personalities, gifts, training, etc. We are the body of Christ, with many different parts: hospitality, caring, teaching, giving, administrating, etc. We are clearly told that no one is more important than the other. We are a body – each to do our work under the Lordship of Jesus Christ. God desires to direct our paths.

Our challenge: openness, obedience, faith, courage – no turning back.

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