Important Memories #58

While at Honey Rock, Christ Church Family Camp people could swim, canoe, sail, paddle the war canoe, go on whale boat and pontoon boat rides, enjoy riflery, archery and camp craft. Fran Hull, the retired art teacher, helped with crafts, and she was good! Maury would lead nature hikes and show how he took such great pictures. The camp wrangler took those interested on horseback, donkey, and horse drawn wagon rides. The food was excellent including a breakfast and supper cookout.

This was, in many ways, a family paradise.

While driving home, family camp dad Bill Shean asked his son Skip:

“What did you like best about family camp?”

Skip’s answer: “I liked looking for mushrooms the best.”

Bill: “Why?”

Skip: “Because it was just you and me Dad.”

Our three grandsons, Jashton – 8, Tobiah – 6, Corban – 2, stayed with us this past week so their parents could take a vacation. I trust they enjoyed the “just you and me” times as much as I did.

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  1. Andres SGV says:

    I always enjoyed the walks and conversations with Chief at the end of the summer; I never had enough! Because these walks were “just you and me” made a difference in me. I am now imitating chief and trying to have as many of these times with my students.
    I am sure the grandchildren will remember those times!

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