Going to Vieques – gone 2 Monday mornings

Sally Jo and I leave for Vieques, PR this evening. This is the island where our daughter Carla/Sea has lived for 4 years – is massage therapist…and sometimes eco kayak guide (7 hr trips) – will stay in her Casita – 16 X16 – 2 story -with two decks looking out over lush green valley to ocean beyond. Can only see 18 lights in the distance at night. Incredible place for us – beyond utilities – only way in and out is 4X4. Jayson Reitz and David Speers spent 2 weeks in the building process – many others have helped…I took friend from church down for a week. Truly incredible place – queen size bed was made from bamboo – hangs from ceiling – mosquito net incase bug comes at night…no screens…no front on casita… water off roof into 1000 holding tank…we pump up to two 50 gal barrels – one is outside, painted black…heats water for shower…waste water from sink and shower used to flush ordinary toilet into septic system Jason built. Normal gas stove/oven…

Anyway – I will stay with Sally Jo for 12 days – then I leave and friend from Bakerville Church (1966-70) will fly in when I fly out and they will be together for another 9 days.

It will be good to get her away from ice…very much afraid of slipping. Her bones are healed…muscles still trying to catch up. She is scheduled to go on bike trip with sister in Chechloslovakia in June – helps her keep focused on getting stronger.

Wazi and MaMa Lee (for you Deerfooters) will be staying her until I return.

God is good… let us remember to praise Him – in our hearts, our living, and with our mouths.

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  1. Roger Soucek says:

    Thank you Chuck for your faithful service. I will miss your postings and once again want you to know how much I look forward to them on Monday mornings and how meanful they are to me and my family.

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