Sally Jo Update

Good Morning

While I was up at the Joshua Weekend, daughter Sea took Sally Jo to the spine Doctor – Dr. Chaney. He said that her bone was healed and that now it was time to work on strengthening the muscles that hold the spine upright, that enable to spine to work. After being in the body brace for eight weeks, there is little strength in them now which, in reality, leaves the spine vulnerable to injury.

Sally Jo does not need to wear the brace while in bed or during the day while being inactive. This was obviously very good news. During the day she must wear the brace anytime she is being very active – and when doing something passive and she feels the muscles getting tired.

Because of the very weak muscles, he thinks it highly unlikely that she will be cross country skiing this winter – which is tough. She missed last winter due to the broken arm. Ouch!

He said that if the vertabra compression had been two vertabra higher, she would be a paraplegic. Sobering!

I feel the Joshua weekend was excellent for the 50 or so that were there. I am sure Chief Ron will send update in some way.

I climbed the dugs….a little frightening for me as my hip was just replaced on May 1. I took my time, the other hikers were incredibly patient and at times, helpful (over big rocks!). The last time I climbed the Dugs was for a Lone Eagle Ceremony during my last summer at DL – and I did not know it, but my pace maker was broken and my pulse was stuck at 70. Ever try to climb a mountain, even a small mountain, at pulse of 70? Don’t. This trip was MUCH easier!!!

This weeks IPWG was written months ago and I have no record that I have sent it to you. I trust you will find it helpful.

I am just too tired to write something new tonight.

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