Sally Jo update

Friends…tis time for an update

For the first four or five weeks there was not much change –

In these 3 weeks the progress has been remarkable. Sally Jo goes in for her 8 wk check up on Friday afternoon.

Present situation: she get’s herself in and out of bed, can take brief walks outside with a cain, was able to help with freezing peaches this AM, fixing supper with me. She is not on any pain medication. She has now been out of the house into a car twice – once to get her hair cut…and Monday night to go to a book study group from Church.

The limitations are – the back brace which is a velcroed on deal that is the equivelant of a cast. She is now able to shower – thus no brace. The brace/cast prevents her back from bending her spine – this prevents her getting anything off the floor – or any down low location. She has a grabber which helps a great deal. She has little endurance/strength but it is beginning to come along nicely.

Yes, I am encouraged!!!

The doctor told her 10-12 weeks in brace – Sally Jo has heard a few people have gotten them off at 8 weeks – so you know she is hopeful about Friday.

I know some of you have been praying for us regularly – thanks. Some has sent cards – I think she got 2-4 every day for the first 4 wks – from you, other Deerfooters, people in churches we have served, friends, etc. These cards have been wonderful to receive, to read.

If you would like to call….fine. I will leave tomorrow to pick up Jason Weyer who is flying in from Houston for the Joshua Weekend.

Do pray for me as I lead 3 sessions for the weekend. I feel well prepared. What is critical now is responding to the people in the sessions in helpful ways.

I may send you an IPWG that I have already prepared this next Monday morning as I go straight from DL to a 3 hour choral rehersal…to home, half dead? I have 2 or 3 that I have prepared along the way….I like them….hope you do to.

Should be fun weekend. chief chuck

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