Living With Life’s Challenges #26

Due to present situation, the following topics will now be addressed in the context of living “In Partnership With God”:

  1. Confidence in God
  2. My Communication With God
  3. Marriage – Two Become One
  4. Family
  5. Christian Community: Diversity – Use of Gifts
  6. Visiting Hurting People
  7. Helping Hurting People
  8. What is God Trying to Teach You?
  9. Looking Forward…and Back
  10. Keeping Margins…Balance

Context for the Above:

  • January 2007 – Cross country ski 4 hours
  • January 2007 – Injure groin muscle…re-injure playing with grandchildren in February
  • June 2007 – healing slowly – increasing pain in knee
  • November 2007 – discover arthritic hip – second opinion – deferred pain from hip to knee – January surgery planned
  • December 17 – Sally Jo falls – breaks right arm just below shoulder
  • May 1, 2008 – Sally Jo able to drive – care for me – hip surgery – good recovery
  • July 18 – my computer dies
  • July 19 – I doze, Prius totals, Sally Jo suffers spinal compression fracture – put in removable body brace to be there for 10-12 weeks – 5 days in hospital – I sleep in recliner by her bed – leave once for 4 hours – home, shower, nap. Many visitors including 4 or 5 ministers. Flowers. Sally Jo up and walking 15 minutes max
  • July 24 – head home – hospital bed to be waiting – painful to get into son Dirk’s van – laxative med kicks in 3 hours late – emergency stop at church – into wheel chair – into ladies room – back into van – 30 more minutes to home – no hospital bed – they call – coming after emergency delivery of oxygen – arrives 1 1/2 hours later – Sally Jo exhausted, great pain. Put bed in dining room – with regular twin where I sleep. Incredibly difficult night!!!!!

    Sally Jo unable to do anything by herself…life is painful challenge – over next week progress is slow…but steady. Able to get self out of bed, move with walker, sit in recliner for an hour, then two max. Body cast very uncomfortable – had never been told how to adjust, etc.

    Friends from church arrange for food, help in many ways – other people call, ready – Please Ask!!!

  • July 27 – daughter Sea flies in from Vieques, PR – massage therapist – we bought one way ticket! Good timing for her – beginning of hurricane season! Very few tourists anyway.
  • July 31 – Loaned car to use – Jeep to become primary car – take to shop for AC condenser replacement – dash must come out – cost $1200 – also needed muffler, shocks. Then we go to order new Prius – same as 2005 model and equipment – 4-6 month wait. Cost increase $1500. We wait for insurance settlement.

    Dirk purchases me new computer…sets up…I must continue to ignore e-mails…through now. Dollar costs are adding up…and up!

  • August 4 – call at 9:30am – be at spinal doctor’s office in 2 hours. Their oversight – doctor begins vacation! One hour to office. On time – leave doctor’s 1 1/2 hours later – only regular chairs in office. Painful wait! Healing has begun – No surgery!! Keep body cast tight – walk, climb stairs. One hour drive – exhausted, increased pain. Long night.

    I typically get up with her 3-4 times each night. Every time she changes location, night or day, one must assist.
    I catch up out of house: 12 stops in 3 towns plus Albany

  • August 7 – ready to watch opening ceremony of Olympics – TV suddenly dies – Dirk picks up new one – more $

    Sally Jo’s garden has begun producing food planted to be frozen. 25 pints blueberries frozen to date. Dirk and wife, neighbor help with picking and freezing as needed.

  • August 9 – Sally Jo gets to see garden she planted in May and June – but will not be able to work in it this summer. Insect invades acorn, butternut, delicata, spaghetti squash, melon, pumpkin and gourd vines – plants begin to die

    Sally Jo: “Will life ever become normal again?”

We are facing, and dealing with, life’s challenges!

We covet and value your prayers.

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