Noah: God’s Assignment – Provisions Available

If God chooses us to be His earthly partner on a particular project, let us consider carefully.     Our partner has limitless resources…which make it possible for Him to have the standard of “rightness” for his assignment – and righteousness for His partner. 


God is righteous – and created us in His image.  Our righteousness is made possible through a true desire to live a life pleasing to God, accepting the forgiveness of our sin through Jesus Christ.(Galatians 3:11)     The words righteous and righteousness, with regard to God or man, are used 514 times in the Bible.  .


The “Noah Assignment” we are aware of was to build an ark.   God said…this is your God assigned project…therefore I am in this with you – You Will Be In Partnership With God.   God asked Abraham, Joseph, Moses, Joshua, the 12 apostles, Paul and others to be His earthly partners for a particular project.   The projects we are aware of were history changing.  I am confident that God gave each of them much smaller, seemingly insignificant, assignments before and after the “biggie”.   This principle is confirmed in Matthew 25:23 “You have been faithful with a few things; I will put you in charge of many things.”


Noah’s assignment:  build the ark.    The resources to build the ark were available – or the Ark could not have been built!  We know Noah was unable to call the lumber yard and ask that the materials be delivered.    There is no suggestion Noah was able to call an engineering firm and a construction company.  And there is no suggestion that Noah had to build the ark by himself.   Noah had three sons, and it seems likely they would work on building the ark.   And there seems to be nothing to rule out the possibility that Noah was able to hire other workers to assist – but the assignment was Noah’s.    …”and Noah did all that the Lord commanded him to do”   (Genesis 6:22, 7:5).  


I knew when I became Assistant Pastor/Minister of Education in the “deep south city church” that I would be in a tough situation.   In the previous two years three Assistant Pastors or Directors of Christian Education had come…and gone.  Yet, even knowing this, I could move forward with confidence – for I was In Partnership With God.   But…oh my!


In June, the first month on assignment, I had asked for the responsibility of managing the custodian – the House of God was physically in a mess.   The custodian quit – BUT another, super capable man was supplied by God.


In that first month I also told the 32 Sunday School teachers that if they did not desire to continue teaching when Sunday School started up in September, to let me know by the end of July.   My reasoning:  Romans 12 and Ephesians 4 teach that the church is a body and give indication that all of the necessary parts of the body exist within the church.    No one should be teaching the Lord’s truths who did not feel called to be doing so. 

I was not expecting that 30 of the 32 teachers would resign!


With confidence I had made the right decision (and a knot in my stomach) I set out to find 30 teachers who were qualified and wanted to teach beginning on the first Sunday of September.   I do not remember how it happened, but on that first Sunday in September there were 34 teachers excited by the opportunity to teach God’s truths to others.


God proved Himself faithful to me….and, during that next year, to 34 teachers – People living In Partnership With God”  

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